About us

1- About Playtube

Playtube is a video sharing free platform. Playtube is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Playtube that fully support native mobile apps, thanks to our advanced API system. Playtube comes with 5 HTML5 players, supporting all kind of videos and advertisements. With Playtube, users are able to upload, watch, share, and sell movies. Playtube supports FFMPEG video conversation, users can upload all kind of videos with resolution up to 8K. Make money from your video sharing website easily by enabling subscription system that requires the users to pay to use your services and website.
You can get paid from all around the world with the support of more than 8 payment methods.
Used around the globe. Manage and edit your videos, comments, likes, dislikes and read your channell analytics from our powerful video studio. Choose few keywords run the task sit back and thousands of videos will be imported from YouTube and Dailymotion to your site. Playtube can handle more than 1 billion videos easily with our high performance platform. Manage setting, videos, design, import videos, create ads and a lot more easily from our powerful admin panel. Admin and users can create videos Vpaid Vast, and image ads from the admin panel. Channels and publishers can earn money from advertisers for each click they recibe. Upload and store videos and images directly to Amazon, Digitalocean Spaces or by FTP storage.