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My Experience with Showit Website Design | Pros and Cons of Showit | By Sophia Lee Blogging

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Publicado el 05 Dec 2022 / En Personas y Blogs

⁣My Experience with Showit Website Design
By Sophia Lee Blogging

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When launching our home design business, BSL Studios, we knew we wanted a website to showcase our projects. And we wanted the website design to be goooood. Like so good that when people went to it they would think, "How did they do this?!"

We found Showit and after doing a ton of research, thought it would be our best bet to get the look we wanted. We love Showit website design but there are definitely some pros and cons and things to think about before creating your website on there!

My right-hand gal Sarah and I have a discussion going over our thoughts on Showit website design. Hope this is helpful for anyone considering using Showit!

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